If writing a letter, only use a couple of these points and put these in your own words.

  • Full decriminalisation of abortion would mean abortion would be legal in Queensland for any reason at all, effectively until the moment of birth. Yet only 5% of Queenslanders support this extreme position, according to a YouGov Galaxy Research poll commissioned by the Australian Family Association and Abortion Rethink in February 2018.
  • The existing Queensland law against abortion has a vital educative role. It instructs society as to the seriousness of the act of abortion, while the removal from the criminal law of any references to abortion would tell society that this form of intentional killing is morally trivial.
  • Decriminalisation inevitably would increase the number of abortions - which 87% of Australians already think is too high, according to a Sexton Marketing Group opinion poll in May 2005.
  • More abortions would hurt more women. With every abortion, the toll is one dead, one wounded. Seventy-six percent of Queenslanders believe that abortion can harm the physical and/or mental health of women. There is overwhelming evidence about the serious physical and emotional effects of abortion on women, and as a consequence, on their families. Physical risks include infection, haemorrhage, infertility and breast cancer. Psychological risks include depression and other mental illness, suicide, attempted suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity and general poor self-esteem.
  • The only changes to the law which should be considered are safeguards for women. According to a YouGovGalaxy poll in February 2018, 90% of Queenslanders want women considering abortion to receive free independent counselling, and 86 percent want the woman to receive information on the development of the unborn baby, the nature of the procedure, the physical and psychological risks of the operation and the alternatives of keeping the baby or adoption, so they can make a fully informed decision.  A cooling-off period of several days between making an appointment to have an abortion and the actual procedure is supported by 80% of Queenslanders. And 67% of Queenslanders believe that parental consent to abortion should normally be required for girls under the age of 16.

A much-needed policy change is for Government funding to be significantly expanded to include pregnancy counselling services (such as Priceless Life) which offer real choice and support for women, including post-abortion counselling.

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