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The world has truly lost the plot when a court in Brussels asserts the unborn have a right to be aborted (  

With jaw-dropping horror we read of the report of the decision just published in the Belgian journal, "Revue Générale des Assurances et Responsabilités," has just published the decision handed down by the Brussels Court of Appeal on 21 September 2010 regarding the case of a child born disabled after an erroneous prenatal diagnosis.

By the court ruling that the child's parents could claim damages from the doctors who failed to detect the disability, they claimed to be "having regard not only to the interests of the mother, but also to those of the unborn child itself."  Thus, the judges considered that the child would have had the "right" to an abortion if his disability had been correctly diagnosed.

The report on the decision did not explain how the court could consider an unborn child to be able to be the 'subject of rights', and why that right was only one to be killed and not to live!

The pro-abortion lobby constantly try to make out they are fighting for 'rights', however the only 'right' they ever screech about is the right for a woman in a pregnant state to abort her baby.  You never see them protesting for more efficient and user-friendly adoption rights, nor foster 'right', just death, death and more death through abortion.

GetUp needs to GetDown to the facts and put them on the table.  They shout from the rooftops the results of their poll but curiously don't have the poll results on their website — merely a brief few lines in their blog totally unsubstantiated by anything else!  Between dramatic mugshots of women and the lack of viewable evidence of their poll, seems more than a little credibility is lacking.

However, what takes the cake is the scare campaign about graphic billboards being erected in electorates, around Queensland one assumes, as they don't state where.  It would be unlikely that any billboard company would agree to put up 'graphic' billboards, but GetUp sure seem keen to push their agenda any way they can and so, if they can cast aspersions upon pro-life groups in this way, it seems this is the level they will stoop to.

With a mere 20 or so of their members gathering at parliament house in Queensland recently and the lack of supplying names of supposed constituents to the relevant MPs when GetUp was asked for them, seems even more of their credibility is lacking.

Their tired old arguments have had their day.  They just don't stack up.  Real choice is about really caring for women — giving them real options of adoption or fostering with the real option of perhaps one day meeting that child.  Rather than remove the baby, let's help remove the circumstance that make it difficult for that women to birth her child.

GetUp needs to GetREAL!

The pro-euthanasia lobby claim 85% support for legalising euthanasia.  Apply this to an ageing western population and you would expect a screaming need for information.

Contrast this with the experience that Philip Nitschke has just had.

Despite being a master of generating publicity via controversy through the media, the combined total of the participants across all three of his suicide seminars in Canada (Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal) is … 85 people.

Philip Nitschke wasn't impressed either.


Fresh from Berlin is news that a patient has been completely cured from leukaemia using her own stem cells taken from the umbilical cord that had been saved and stored after she was born.  This isn't just a case of returning to health, but being five years on, doctors say there is no evidence of leukaemia cells in her body.

As reported in LifeSiteNews “The procedure was reportedly performed in 2005 on a four-year-old girl whose chemotherapy treatment had failed and who had a prognosis of only three months to live.”

Stem cells are the very building blocks of our body and in their pluripotent stage, have the potential to become any part of the body.  The term 'adult stem cells' is used to describe stem cells taken from fat, bone marrow and the umbilical cord after a baby is born — there is no loss of life using adult stem cells.  Embryonic stem cells however, are taken from a human baby at the earliest stage of development and the removal of these stem cells causes the baby to die.

So how medically effective are these different source types of stem cells?

Embryonic: NIL
Adult: Hundreds

And yet deadly embryonic stem cell research is the one that gets the funding despite not having been proven to have produced a treatment or cure to date.

The numbers are currently being done within the Labor party ranks to push for the liberalisation of abortion.  Labor has a network of women — EMILY's List — who are steam-rolling the issue and we must stop this in its tracks.

Please, stop what you are doing and call your sitting member now, write, email or fax!  Yes, now!

You can find your local member here

It may be a waste of time contacting your MP if she is on EMILY's List but we encourage you to do it anyway.  They need to know that Queenslanders do not want abortion decriminalised and certainly do not want MORE abortion which is what happens when something like this is condoned by law.