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The most important outcome of the Cairns abortion trial (involving Teagan Leach and Sergie Brennan) was the Crown’s powerful restatement of principle in Queensland law, that it is prohibited for adults to take the life of their unborn baby unless compelled to do so because of serious risk to the life or health of the woman.  As the Crown prosecutor, Michael Byrne, reminded the jury, abortion is “illegal unless the pregnancy posed a threat to the woman's life or her physical or mental health” and is not permitted for reasons of “lifestyle”.

In this comment, he was restating the earlier ruling of Judge McGuire that this exception for “serious risk” to the woman is “a humane doctrine devised for humanitarian purposes, but it cannot be made the excuse for every inconvenient conception.”

In the Cairns case, the accused couple was found to be not guilty of violating this principle — but the principle remains.

Irrespective of which side of politics you are on, here is some important information about our newest prime minister Julia Gillard.  She is a member of EMILY's List.  EMILY is an acronym — it stands for "Early Money Is Like Yeast".  What that means is if someone (in this case, an abortion advocate) is given financial and political help when standing as a candidate or hoping to be returned to their seat if they are a current MP, they are more likely to get voted in as they can keep a higher profile in the public eye.

To have the financial and political support of EMILY's List, a candidate must support the abortion of a full-term baby right up to the moment of birth.

Do not be fooled into voting for our first woman prime minister just because she is a woman.

Many people voted for Obama as he was the "first black president" — the colour of one's skin does not qualify you for a job, nor does having a female anatomy.  This is not a time to vote on appearances.

Obama has allowed many pro-abortion changes to laws in the USA — we are deeply concerned that going on Gillard's current membership of EMILY's List, that we may see many changes start to creep in here in Australia that pave the way for more abortions.

Having her having been the Education Minister and introducing a nationwide curriculum is of major concern.  What will now be included in the national curriculum in relation to abortion if the  curriculum is to encompass 'sex ed'?  Whilst at this point it seems to concentrate on the main 4-5 school subjects, it is merely a stroke of the pen to change this.  And that is only the start.

Please educate everyone on what EMILY's list is and encourage them  to vote pro-life at the next federal election.  We also strongly urge you to join a pro-life or pro-family group and donate your time and money to help in their campaigns to fight for pro-life candidates at this election.

Jack Kevorkian is otherwise nicknamed “Dr Death” and has been responsible for the ‘assisted suicide of more than 100 people.  Recently, during a CNN interview he told medical correspondent and physician Sanjay Gupta that he regretted being born.

Even though Gupta had not asked a single question, Kevorkian stated: "Sanjay, you want to know the single worst moment of my life?" 

"The single worst moment of my life ... was the moment I was born," Kevorkian said.

How tragically sad.  His attitude towards his own life explains a lot about his attitude to ‘helping’ people out of their lives.  One has to wonder what is the attitude of Australia’s own euthanasia proponent, Philip Nitschke?  Does he too feel being born is the worst moment of his life?

Interestingly, both Kevorkian and Nitschke were pathologists.

Just in case using the pill, Deprovera, Implanon, (which all have an abortifacient action), the ‘morning after’ pill, RU-486, and having abortion mills seemingly on every street corner, a relatively new abortion drug ellaOne is being used in Europe. Touted by abortion advocates as a ‘morning after’ pill, the drug works quite differently.

While the morning after pill has the ability to cause an abortion when used after implantation ellaOne, also known as Ulipristal, works as an abortion drug.  It is designed to be taken by women longer after sexual intercourse — not just 24-48 hours but as much as five days later.  At that point, if a pregnancy has occurred, the drug will undoubtedly cause an abortion, kill that newly created unborn child.

Unveiled in Europe in 2009, ellaOne is classified as emergency contraception, and works like RU486 by blocking progesterone from reaching the womb thereby killing the unborn baby.

Seems that there are so very many ways to destroy an unborn baby in the womb — a place that once was the safest place for a baby to be — but it seems there are not enough ways for the abortion aggressors who can’t seem to help themselves seek more and more ways to destroy these innocent little lives.

In the Courier Mail (30.4.10) an article headed "Court upholds punishment over handling of abortion" revealing a Brisbane abortionist, Adrienne Freeman has lost her appeal to have her registration as a medical practitioner/gynaecologist suspended.  She was found guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct in 2009.

The Medical Board of Queensland allege that a lack of care and management was shown in the treating of a 30 year old woman given an abortion-inducing drug by Freeman.

Along with Sood (Sydney abortion doctor) who was sued in regards to her lack of care for a 23 year old woman (who was also give abortion-inducing drug), one can only wonder how many more hurt and injured women will it take before something is done to stamp out abortion and the apparent sub-standard of those in the abortion industry as shown by these two cases?

David Grundeman, abortionist in Australia, was quoted as saying at the 1993 Abortion Providers Conference in Seattle that they "can't attract good doctors to the abortion industry as they all have a death or malpractice suit behind them".  So in his own words, he admits they are not attracting the 'cream of the crop'.

If you have been hurt by abortion, please contact Cherish Life Queensland Inc on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..