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In the Courier Mail (30.4.10) an article headed "Court upholds punishment over handling of abortion" revealing a Brisbane abortionist, Adrienne Freeman has lost her appeal to have her registration as a medical practitioner/gynaecologist suspended.  She was found guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct in 2009.

The Medical Board of Queensland allege that a lack of care and management was shown in the treating of a 30 year old woman given an abortion-inducing drug by Freeman.

Along with Sood (Sydney abortion doctor) who was sued in regards to her lack of care for a 23 year old woman (who was also give abortion-inducing drug), one can only wonder how many more hurt and injured women will it take before something is done to stamp out abortion and the apparent sub-standard of those in the abortion industry as shown by these two cases?

David Grundeman, abortionist in Australia, was quoted as saying at the 1993 Abortion Providers Conference in Seattle that they "can't attract good doctors to the abortion industry as they all have a death or malpractice suit behind them".  So in his own words, he admits they are not attracting the 'cream of the crop'.

If you have been hurt by abortion, please contact Cherish Life Queensland Inc on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What have they won?  The hearts and minds of fellow travellers on life's journey, back towards embracing life in the womb as being worthy of protection and giving the unborn back their 'worthy' status.

Recently it has been reported in America that more and more people, particularly younger people, are calling themselves pro-life.  Even the abortion-aggressive organisation NARAL* has admitted this with the president Nancy Keenan saying that that she considers herself a member of the "post-menopausal militia" and being astounded by the number and youthfulness of those attending this year's March For Life in Washington DC.  (*NARAL stands for National Abortion Rights Action League).

Our own observations here in Queensland bear this out — just look at the rally photo in the latest Cherish Life newsletter (April 2010).

Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America, gives a very simple response to this saying "pro-abortionists are motivated by anger; pro-lifers are motivated by love".  

Anger is a passing emotion — love is a decision.  Despite all the money thrown at the pro-abortion crowd, the often 'donation only' funded pro-life organisations are forging ahead claiming back the lost ground of young women's hearts, turning them back to their unborn children rather than the "me-first" attitude thrust on them as an 'out' by pro-abortion organisation.

Katie Walker, 24, Communications Director of the American Life League stated that "the ageing ‘postmenopausal militia’ should be shaking in their combat boots".  We echo those sentiments.

Further to the blog “Yep, abortion sure is safe – not!”, more information has come to light regarding the ‘quality’ of doctor the anaesthetist, a Dr James Latham Peters seems to be. 

The Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria had previously placed restrictions on Dr. Peters' license, limiting Dr. Peters' access to various drugs, as he was found to have a substance-abuse problem.  The Board had Dr. Peters participate in a program for substance-abusing doctors and he was required to submit to drug tests for a year, however, it later removed these restrictions and also concealed any publicly accessible record to protect his privacy.

The Melbourne abortuary, using the innocuous term “Day Surgery” in its title is part of Planned Parenthood of Australia Group.

In Seattle USA in 1993 at a conference for abortionists, ‘Dr’ David Grundmann stated that it was “hard to attract good doctors (to the practice of abortion) as most have a death or malpractice suit behind them”.  Seems nothing has changed.


It was with concern that we hear in the media of the newest portfolio created by the federal government – that of “population control” minister.

Reminiscent of ‘the sky is falling’  climate change hype, (and previously “the big chill” in the 60s), we now see mega media hype of population growth.

According to a Dr Aaron Bernstein (a paediatrician – ie baby doctor - who seems to want to do himself out of a job) population growth must be slashed to “protect human health and wellbeing”.  The irony is he states that “population growth is one of the two biggest threats to the future of life on earth”.

Seems that if we can’t scare people into not having children using the ‘earth is heating up’ theory, we need to go back to ‘too many people/the world will run out of food’  theory to achieve this result.

When any kind of difficulty has fallen in front of mankind, there have been those among us smart enough to work their way around the problem without employing methods that cause loss of life either before birth or to those old, ill or frail.  We hope that the normal, natural challenge of a growth in population can be the catalyst for clever, healthy life-giving solutions being found.

Authorities in Victoria have revealed a doctor has been suspended from practice because 12 of his female patients have contracted Hepatitis C.  He was an anaesthetist working in an abortion mill in Melbourne between June 2008 and December 2009 and has Hep C.  The police and the Medical Practitioners Board are investigating how it was transmitted to the women.  DNA tests have linked the strain of the virus found in the women to the strain the doctor has.  The testing laboratory found there was a clear link from a structural point of view between the viruses of the patients and that of the doctor.

Hepatitis C takes a long time to surface, is very hard to treat and can cause fatal liver problems.  It can be easily passed on via blood or sharing a syringe.

Medical authorities cannot explain how 12 people could be infected by accident.

In 2008 in the United States, girls having abortions at a Las Vegas clinic had to be tested for Hepatitis C and HIV.

In another instance in the States, a “once-only use” vial of anaesthetic was reused a number of times becoming contaminated in the process and infecting a number of women.

It would be folly to believe that that kind of thing happens only in the United States.  We have had the first known instance of it reported here in Australia – one has to wonder how many more …