• Organise prayer/fasting projects focused on ending abortion
  • Present frequent and unambiguous pro-life sermons
  • Routinely show pro-life DVDs at your church (Cherish Life Queensland has a wide variety available)
  • See that all prayer time includes prayers for the mums and dads who are considering abortion and their unborn children
  • Spiritually adopt babies in the womb who are in danger of being aborted
  • Constantly remind congregation about the fallacy of claiming to be Christian while voting for political candidates who support legalised abortion
  • Conduct and promote candlelight prayer vigils for the babies, mums, dads and their families that have been victimized by abortion
  • Start a healing ministry for both men and women and other family members who have been involved with abortion (or contribute financially and promote Rachel’s Vineyard, ( an already established healing ministry in Brisbane)


  • Constantly educate the church on pro-life issues, including foetal humanity and the risks of abortion
  • Sponsor educational seminars to equip both pastors and lay people on how to become informed and effectively oppose abortion — Cherish Life Queensland is able to facilitate and present life issues talks at these events
  • Establish a church-based abstinence-only sex education program such as “True Love Waits”
  • Make sure that pro-life literature is always available in a conspicuous place at the church, and have a pro-life message in every church publication with adoption information, pregnancy counselling contacts, and post-abortion counsellor contacts
  • Encourage your congregation to use pro-life symbols such as bumper stickers, Precious Feet Pins, etc. which are available from Cherish Life Queensland
  • Erect a Memorial Wall or Shrine of the Innocents on church property
  • Erect a pro-life billboard on church property — Cherish Life Queensland can give you ideas for these


  • Advertise current Church and non-Church based Crisis Pregnancy Centres such as Priceless Life Centre ( P: 1800 090 777) or Pregnancy Crisis Incorporated (P: 1300 777 777
  • Advertise via newspaper, radio, TV, billboards, signs on church property, school newsletters etc
  • Inform local welfare and social service agencies as well as counsellors at the surrounding schools, colleges, TAFE’s and Universities about the services that are available
  • Recruit and train church members to become crisis pregnancy counsellors
  • Encourage men and other family members who have coerced women into abortions to get help and healing
  • Recruit physicians, dentists, attorneys, accountants and business people within the church to donate their services to clients of local crisis pregnancy counsellors
  • See that women with unplanned pregnancies feel more comfortable turning to the church for help rather than the local abortionist. Encourage them to go to the Priceless Life Centre or Pregnancy Crisis Incorporated
  • Recruit church members who will take in pregnant women who have nowhere else to go
  • Create an adoption awareness and support program
  • Encourage your congregation to bequeath to Cherish Life Queensland or other pro-life organisations


  • Attend all school board meetings and fight to keep nonabstinence-only programs out of the schools
  • Create and support pro-life student groups at schools, colleges, TAFES and Universities
  • Organise a regional pro-life clergy council
  • Invite pastors of churches in other suburbs to attend pro-life functions at your church
  • Keep a constant pro-life message in front of the local community through a church based Letters to the Editors Team (Cherish Life Queensland can assist you with this)
  • Keep pro-life information on community bulletin boards and public access stations


  • Hold a letter writing afternoon and encourage people to write to their local state politicians, the premier and the attorney general to keep abortion illegal in Queensland
  • Pray in front of abortion mills
  • Recruit, train and coordinate sidewalk counsellors to join the 40 Days for Life Awareness Campaign (contact Brendan & Judy Wong on P: 3149 3289 E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Hold regular meetings with local abortionists, pro-abortion and abortion silent pastors without compromising pro-life principles; the goal being to establish a relationship with these people that might ultimately lead them to change their ways