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Today’s e-news brings us this headline:  “Pensacola Abortion Mill Closes!”

The article states “The Community Healthcare Center, one of two Pensacola abortion clinics, is closed because of its failure to pay a $413,000 fine to the state for a licensing violation.  The North Ninth Avenue clinic, in operation for more than 25 years, was licensed as an abortion clinic as well as a clinical laboratory for blood testing.  In January, a survey by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration determined that the center's lab license had been expired for 413 days.  A fine of $1,000 per day was imposed.”

What wonderful news that due to the closure, some defenceless little unborn babies may make it into the world.  Let’s continue to pray for the closure of all abortion profiteers and their abortion death mills be closed here in Australia.

An amazing blessing upon yet another hardened heart – that of a director of an abortion mill in the US .  View the interview with her at

In a place called Brazos Valley, Abby Johnson had spent 8 years working for Planned Parenthood, 2 of which saw her as director of the mill.  The Coalition for Life group in the same town had just completed its sixth "40 Days of Prayer for Life"  outside the abortion mill when Abby had her spiritual conversion, helped along by viewing an ultrasound of an unborn baby being aborted.  She has quit working for this house of death and now joins the pray-ers outside the very same abortion mill she worked in.

Needless to say, the PP business is hardly about to let her go quietly.  They have currently taken out restraining orders against Abby and also the Coalition for Life group concerned that information Abby may share may be damaging to their 'business' – the death of unborn babies business.  The temporary restraining order contends that Planned Parenthood would be irreparably harmed by the disclosure of certain information.  That statement speaks for itself.

Let's see if we can effect the same result when the 40 Days of Prayer for Life campaign starts again in 2010.  For further information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the website

Today’s Courier Mail (15-10-09) has a story of “abortion addiction” on p27.  The article states that as an act of rebellion to her much older and controlling husband, Irene Vilar intentionally got pregnant and then had abortions as her husband “didn’t want children”; however it is unclear whether he was even aware of the abortions.

The article mentions  that Irene Vilar, now an author, has written a book called “Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an abortion addict”.

There is so much horror to this story, one hardly knows where to begin.  Is this truly the path that is now condoned by society?  That abortion is used as contraception and no-one blinks an eye?  Is the book a “I did it and you can too” kind of ‘show and tell’ scenario?

And what of her two young children when they find out that mum aborted their 15 half-siblings?  Whilst we at Cherish Life Queensland believe one abortion is one abortion too many, 15 is truly stomach-churning.  Surely even the pro-abortion lobby can’t be happy about this one…

It has come to our attention recently that the aggressive abortion profiteer company Marie Stopes International is sending ‘reps’ out to meet with doctors in their surgeries.  In previous times, a ‘rep’ was a representative of a drug company that would travel around visiting doctors to inform them of the latest drugs on the market.  Often they would leave a promotional flyer, pen, notepad etc.

Seems MSI have endless funds to send their own ‘reps’ out to the doctors to promote abortion.  And what, one wonders, do their abortion reps leave in the way of promotional material?

Yet another job paid for with blood money…

(For those of you interested in finding out more about the link between Marie Stopes and their eugenics mentality, see Wikipedia.)

There are many ironies in life — not least the appointment of Suzanne Dvorak as CEO of Save the Children Australia.  For those of you who are unaware, Dvorak was General Manager of Marie Stopes International — an aggressive abortion-providing business — from April 2003 til taking up her current position in February of this year.

She first came to our attention back in 2005 when on a domestic flight, the flight attendant drew all passengers' attention to the 'health page' article on the airlines free in-flight magazine.  Thinking this a very unusual comment to be made over the PA, we turned to that page to see Dvorak's large photo and her comments on what had occurred when she took over managing the "day care" centres (soft wording for the abortion mills of Marie Stopes International).  So not only have the pro-abortion lot made the word 'choice' a loaded word, they now take a wholesome word to describe places where children are taken care of and make it mean places where unborn children are taken care of!

We hope one day Dvorak has a change of heart and helps save the unborn children too.