NSW Coalition Win is a Win for the Unborn

MEDIA RELEASE – 24 March, 2019

Cherish Life Queensland is pleased and relieved that the Coalition has retained government in NSW. 

“We are very pleased with the result, as Labor being kept out of government is a win for life.” Teeshan Johnson executive director of Cherish Life Queensland said.

“It’s far better for the unborn and for pregnant women that the LNP was returned, as NSW Labor had a cruel late-term abortion agenda – just like Queensland Labor had at the 2017 election, and implemented within one year of winning the election.

“Tragically, Labor has become the abortion party. It’s a far departure from its noble working-class, family-orientated origin.

“Labor’s open-slather abortion obsession beggars belief and is completely against community attitudes on abortion. According to a recent Galaxy Poll only 6% of Queenslanders agree with full-term abortion (ref Q 6) – yet it is legal in Queensland, courtesy of the Palaszczuk-Labor government.

“Leading up to the state election we helped resource our NSW pro-life friends to effectively campaign against EMILY’s List MPs and candidates, as well as other Labor pro-abortion MPs this election.

“It’s also possible that some fallout from the recent Termination of Pregnancy Bill fight abortion fight here in Queensland worked against Labor in NSW, as there was substantial coverage of the debate in other states including NSW.

“Federal Labor making extreme abortion reforms a federal election issue probably also harmed its brand in NSW. The majority of people don’t agree with abortion past 12 weeks gestation, but Federal Labor’s proposal would lead to nationwide extreme abortion to birth laws, much like Victoria, NSW and ACT abortions laws (see the two tables at base).

“The results are certainly encouraging for the federal election. The pro-life community across Australia will be campaigning against pro-abortion MPs and candidates including the abortion-lobby co-operative EMILY’s List hopefuls. We are asking people to Put Labor Last this election. A vote for Shorten-Labor government is a vote for more late-term abortion in Australia.”



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